As a fine artist, Bogdan generally works with strong narratives and place. His series In Motion deals specifically with his new life in Texas. Architecture as symbol is a common theme in Bogdan’s art, and it was no surprise that he explored that concept again in his new environment. In Motion is an exploration into street photography in Houston and captures the energy, noise, and pulse of the city. As he transforms the moving landscape into abstract expressions, he wields his camera like a paintbrush. He creates an architecture that seems somehow altered, somehow blurred. However, the lens he thought he was turning onto his new home, was actually focused back on him.


Bogdan realized that being an immigrant was having a huge impact on his life and his photographs. There was a lack of connection between who he was and where he lived. The disconnection he felt and saw reflected in his photographs was not an impediment to the story, it was the story. In Motion is one attempt to chronicle the artist's own immigrant experience. When someone displaces himself completely and repatriates to a foreign land, even the most mundane experiences become strange. All those unconscious and routine activities become oddly difficult, confusing, and forced. Bogdan was searching for abstract symbols of his experience in Houston. What at first appeared to be an aberration, soon became an essential element of the story for this series of stunning photographs.

All images are archival pigment prints, limited editions. There are several sizes available in this collection, all limited editions.

On demand, any image can be printed on UV plexiglass surface.

Please contact the artist for more info.

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