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As a fine artist, Bogdan generally works with strong narratives of place, and this is certainly true of his series In Motion.  Architecture as symbol is a common theme in Bogdan’s art, and it was no surprise that he explored that concept again when relocating to Texas.  In Motion is an exploration into Houston street photography and captures the energy, noise, and pulse of the city. As he transforms the moving landscape into abstract expressions, he wields his camera like a paintbrush. He creates an architecture that seems somehow altered, somehow blurred.  Most revealing about the series is that the lens he thought he was turning onto his new home, was actually focused back on himsef.  


All fine art photographic prints are limited numbers and signed. They may be printed on a larger scale than is available from the online store. All images are printed on archival museum quality paper. This particular series also looks spectacular printed on large gallery wrap canvas, plexiglass, and aluminum. Please send an email to to discuss alternative printing formats and sizes.  

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