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Miami Mon Amour is a photo montage series that explores the love affair of the artist with this colorful and vibrant corner of the Earth. While on a business trip, Bogdan connected with this city so completely that he had to memorialize the experience.  Miami Mon Amour is a collection of 6 limited edition images that explore and capture vignettes, feelings, and impressions of South Beach, Florida.  He collected icons, visual mementos, as one might gather shells along the shoreline.  Each photograph is a basket filled with the memories that anyone visiting this remarkable destination will recognize.

All images are archival pigment print, limited series.

There are several sizes available for this collection: 15x20.5in and 20x30in. Larger prints can be done on demand.

Any of these images can be also printed on UV plexiglass.

Contact the artist for more info:

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