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México Mágico - New Mixed Media Series

Our trip to Mexico City was a total inspiration. We went for four days and were able to fit in many museums and various iconic sites. It was such a great success that it lead me to create a new mini series of alternative photography called México Mágico. So far 4 pieces have been completed, and two of them have entered into private collections almost immediately...barely had time to dry.

I am so grateful to my collectors who are always finding time to sneak into my studio to see what is new. In particular, I want thank Josh for collecting the first two in this series. There are some other ones in the works, and I will share the final pieces as soon as they are completed. These artworks are not yet available on my website, but please do swing by my studio 314 at Silver Street Studios in Houston should you want to see them closer, and put a red dot on them.

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