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Nature Remembered: Elevating Spaces with Artistic Vision

Recently, I had the privilege of curating four stunning photographs from my 'Nature Remembered' series for a prominent architectural firm in Houston. Gallant Builders, renowned for their commercial architecture, were transitioning to a new office space with a mid-century aesthetic, aiming for a minimalist ambiance. It was an exciting collaboration where my art found its perfect match.

Joe Aker, a respected photographer and art advisor, stumbled upon my collection and recognized its potential to enhance the ambiance of the firm's conference room. Together with the designer, they meticulously selected four pieces – 'The Mustang,' 'White Owl,' 'Jaguar,' and 'The Stag' – each chosen to complement and elevate the meeting space.

What's intriguing is how this collection resonates with mid-century interior designers, a facet I hadn't initially considered. My primary goal was to create a series that exuded boldness, while also conveying the importance of preserving nature and wildlife, all while being accessible and uplifting to viewers.

I'm deeply honored to witness the appreciation of my art by interior designers and beyond. It's gratifying to know that some of my works now grace prestigious private art collections not only in Houston but worldwide.

For those interested in exploring more of my art series, whether pure photography or mixed media, I invite you to visit my website or drop by my studio at Silver Street Studios (#314) in Houston. I'm eager to share my artistic universe with you and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

Images: Joe Aker courtesy

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