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Exploring Corporate Culture: My Experience Spending Two Weeks at ExxonMobil

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The last two weeks of October kept John Bishop and myself busy as we transformed an impromptu space at ExxonMobil's Spring, Texas campus into a pop-up art gallery. The exhibition was a massive success, drawing in hundreds of employees to view our works.

However, the most rewarding part of the project came through the one-on-one connections we formed while providing free, on-the-spot corporate headshots in our makeshift photo studio. I took such joy in helping the diverse group of over 400 Exxon employees represent themselves professionally in front of the camera. Their positive feedback made all the intensive work worthwhile.

I was struck by the truly international mix of people I encountered, with colleagues hailing from every corner of the globe. It was a privilege to engage with such a culturally rich community. Our Mercantile Art Gallery exhibition at Nature 2 complex remains open through November 3 with hours from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Special thanks to Angela Motes of Compass and Josh Welford for making these meaningful cross-cultural experiences possible. I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect creatively with you all.

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