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The Nature Remembered series aims to bring attention to the beauty and importance of the natural world in an innovative way. The artist draws inspiration from the porcelain figurines of his childhood that were carefully displayed and honored.  The series depicts natural subjects like animals and plants as delicate figurines to imitate the way those figurines were honored and protected. This is meant as an analogy for how we should view and care for the natural world.
Bogdan mentions warnings of environmental issues as motivation for creating the series, hoping to honor and protect nature in the same way the figurines were honored in his childhood home. He captured images of these ceramic ambassadors of the natural world, and created with each its own doily.  Created from the natural elements that surround each species, the doilies mark their value, their importance, and the urgent need for conservation and advocacy.

Overall, the series concept uses nostalgic childhood memories and familiar objects in a new way to raise awareness of environmental issues and convey the fragilizty and value of the natural world. The delicate figurine motif is an interesting visual metaphor for the need to protect nature more carefully.

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