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About the Artist

His background in Romanian television, where he engaged in voice-overs, reporting, editing, and producing, provides a rich foundation for his visual storytelling. The experience of growing up during turbulent political times in Romania adds depth and perspective to his work, making it both journalistic and abstract. Bogdan's commitment to freelancing and dedication to fine art since 2015 reflect a passion for artistic expression.

Bogdan Mihai's global footprint in gallery exhibitions and art fairs demonstrates the international recognition of his work. Exhibitions in Romania, Argentina, Switzerland, Hungary, Mexico, and the USA underscore the universal appeal of his art.

Furthermore, his commitment to supporting other artists through a nonprofit initiative is commendable and aligns with the spirit of fostering a vibrant artistic community. This philanthropic effort not only enhances his impact as an artist but also contributes to the broader cultural landscape.

To enhance his artistic profile, Bogdan Mihai might consider leveraging digital platforms and social media to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of his creative process, engage with a wider audience, and potentially attract collaboration opportunities. Additionally, collaborating with other artists or participating in interdisciplinary projects could further enrich his creative portfolio.

Overall, Bogdan Mihai's unique blend of journalistic, abstract, sensitive, nostalgic, and energetic artwork, coupled with his global presence and commitment to supporting fellow artists, positions him as a dynamic and influential figure in the contemporary art scene.

Bogdan Mihai is a Romanian visual artist based in Houston, Texas.  Though his artistic medium ranges from abstract painting to sculptural photography and collage, Bogdan's main emphasis is fine art photography.



- Photolucida, Critical Mass Top 200

- Home, Group Exhibition, Houston, Texas

- Urbanesque, Houston, Texas

- Salon Show 2023, Houston Texas

- Alternative Photography, Los Angels, Los Angeles Makery

Archway Gallery 15th Annual Juried Exhibition, Houston

Technological Reverie: Unveiling Utopia, Houston


- The Other Art Fair, Dallas

- Art Celebrates the Story

- VAA 38th Juried Open Show

- VAA 38th Member Show

- Salon d'Art, Houston Texas

- Without Limits, Houston, Texas

- Ten Ants exhibition, Houston Texas

- Houston Forever Exhibition, Houston, Texas

- That's Amore exhibition, Texas

- Ice Ice Baby exhibition, Houston, Texas

- Yule Do exhibition, Houston, Texas

- Without Limits exhibition, Houston, Texas


- FAIN Feria Mexico City

- New York Center for Photographic Art

- Poughkeepsie, New York - The Trolley Barn Gallery - The Art Effect

- Festival de Fotografía Artística Frontera - Tucúman Argentina (Synapses Series)

- FAIN Guadalajara, Mexico (Inheritance Series)

- Group Exhibition: "The Sum of Us", Silver Street Studios - Houston, TX, USA

- Juried Group Exhibition: "The 13th Juried Exhibition", Archway Gallery - Houston, TX, USA

- Group Exhibition: "The Artists at Silver Street", Silver Street Studios - Houston, TX, USA

- Juried Online Group Exhibition: 2021 Architecture Exhibition, New York Center for Photographic Art ("As Is" from "Inheritance" Series"


- Group Exhibition: "7th Annual Living Mark", Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland (Avalanche from the series Inheritance)

- Group Exhibition: "Aging as Art", Irvine, California (Baylor)

- Group Exhibition: "Outside the Box", Healdsburg, California (Cognition from the series Synapses)

- Solo Exhibition: "We": Festival de Fotografía Artística Frontera, Tucuman, Argentina (Inheritance):

- Solo Exhibition: Alicia D'Amico Art Gallery, Escuela Argentina de Fotografía - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Inheritance)

- Group Exhibition: "2020 Laguna Beach Open": Las Laguna Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA, USA​

- Juried Group Exhibition: "2020 Photo Competition": SAC & Stonehenge Gallery - Montgomery, AL, USA

- Group Exhibition:"Togethering: Picturing the Covid-19 Pandemic", Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX, USA    

- Group Exhibition: "New Reality": Silver Street Studios - Houston, TX, USA

- Group Exhibition: "Pandemic: An Artists Response": Winter Street Studios - Houston, TX, USA

- Group Exhibition: "Imagination": PH21 Gallery - Budapest, Hungary

- Juried Group Exhibition: "The Portrait": Praxis Photo Arts Center - Minneapolis, MN, USA

- Juried Group Exhibition: Las Laguna Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA, USA

- The Other Art Fair, Dallas, TX, USA

- Fotofest 2020, Portfolio Review

- Publication: "Featured article",

- Solo Exhibition: "Inheritance": Silver Street Studios, West Wing, Jan 31

- Corona Portrait: online exhibition:


- Solo Exhibition: Alicia D'Amico Art Gallery, Escuela Argentina de Fotografía - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Decay)

- Group Exhibition: Boundless - Sabine Street Studios - Houston, TX USA

- Group Exhibition: Director's Pick: PhotoSCHWEIZ 19 - Zurich, Switzerland 

- Juried Group Exhibition: Visual Art Alliance Houston, Texas: 36th Juried Exhibition

- Juried Group Exhibition: Archway Gallery: 11th Annual Juried Exhibition - Houston, TX USA

- Group Exhibition: Gathered - Silver St. Studios - Houston, TX USA

- Group Exhibition: Conversation on Culture - Sabine St. Studios - Houston TX

- Group Exhibition: Come Together - Winter Street Studios - Houston TX

- Solo Exhibition: Bean Punk Coffee Shop - Conroe TX

- Group Exhibition: Collective Consciousness - Silver Street Studios - Houston TX


- Group Exhibition: "Habitat" - Sabine Street Studios - Houston, TX USA

- Solo Exhibition: Festival de Luz, Encuentros Abiertos - Buenos Aires, Argentina

- FotoFest, Marketplace portfolio review
- Published children's book "Crabby Cat Needs a Holiday"


- Feria de los Libros, International Book Fair in Guadalajara


- Published book "Road Trip Romania: A Photographic Journey"
- Frankfurt International Book Fair
- International Book Fair - Moscow
- Published children's book "Andy and the Leprechaun"


- Bologna International Children's Book Fair
- Published children's book "ABCat"


- Street photography and portrait work in Russia


- Nature, landscape and photography coursework in California


- Nature photography and urban landscapes in New Zealand


- Solo Exhibition: "Memories from Sri Lanka" Photography exhibition in Campulung, Romania

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