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Each of us has a secret, imaginary world we dream of.  A place where everything is safe, yet mysterious.  A place that gives us power, and where every problem has a happy ending.  For me that realm takes me back in time to a world built from the memories of my childhood, from fragments of stories my grandparents read to me at bedtime, and the history of my heritage.  

This series of deconstructed and reconstructed, three dimensional images tap into that secret world.  These images come from inside me, and are at the same time intentional, and spontaneous.  They are subconscious manifestations that are allowed to to take form and shape, on their own.  I am not so much creator as I am a collaborator.  

I call my technique sculptural photography because it takes photography to a new level.  It is the natural progression for the artist as storyteller, as it offers me the chance to contextualize my work into new universes, into new dimensions.  It gives me permission to mix the images from my camera with everything I have known and experienced, and reimagine it all into new tales of wonder and beauty that I have never seen before, yet would recognize anywhere.

With this sculptural photography, I cut out elements from other photographs, and place them on a constructed base of painted concrete, plaster, wire mesh and other construction materials.  The resulting collage is a 3 dimensional construct of photographs re-envisioned in a new context.  

In Private Collection
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