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Athletes Series

As a fine art photographer, my passion lies in seeking out forgotten subjects, often found in ruins or decay. There is a certain beauty in the process of things breaking down and deteriorating. Behind those weathered exteriors lie countless untold stories. While most people may turn away from derelict buildings or old cracked statues, I am endlessly fascinated by them. I see these beautiful decays as a testament to resilience - a steadfastness in the face of time's relentless march. It's a fight to be admired and rediscovered.

One of my most captivating collections is the Athletes series. These two athletes were a prominent part of my childhood. I would pass by them every day on my way to school. Sometimes they would make me giggle, other times they were simply there, silently accompanying me on my journey. Occasionally, they appeared as mere black shadows in the distance. After many years, I stumbled upon them again, now in a state of total decay. Yet, they were as strikingly beautiful as I remembered. Inspired by this rediscovery, I decided to create a series dedicated to these two athletes.

Every surface of their bodies holds a story. These two athletes have witnessed and experienced so much throughout the years. They carry within them a wealth of untold tales. Can you hear them whispering?

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