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Athletes Series

As a fine art photographer, I am drawn to capturing the essence of forgotten subjects, often nestled in ruins or decay. There exists a poignant beauty in the gradual breakdown and deterioration of objects. Within the weathered exteriors of these neglected structures, countless untold stories come to life. While many avert their gaze from derelict buildings and cracked statues, I find endless fascination in their silent narratives.

To me, the allure of these beautiful decays extends beyond aesthetic appreciation; they embody a profound testament to resilience, a silent defiance in the face of time's inexorable march. It's a captivating struggle, worthy of admiration and rediscovery.

Among my most captivating collections is the Athletes series, a tribute to two figures that held prominence in my childhood. Daily, as I traversed my route to school, these athletes played various roles—sometimes eliciting laughter, other times standing as silent companions on my journey. Occasionally, they would appear as mere black shadows in the distance. After the passage of many years, I stumbled upon them once more, now immersed in a state of complete decay. Yet, their beauty remained as striking as I remembered. Inspired by this rediscovery, I embarked on a dedicated series, immortalizing these two athletes in the lens of my art.

Each surface of their bodies tells a story—a testament to the multitude of experiences these athletes have witnessed throughout the years. They carry within them a wealth of untold tales. Can you hear the whispers echoing through the contours of their forms?

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