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Exploring Bucharest: A Deep Dive into Art, Connections, and Winter Magic

My inaugural week in Bucharest, Romania, hit me like a whirlwind of energy. No time for jetlag – the projects I had meticulously planned fueled my journey. As I mentioned earlier, my primary reasons for being here were twofold: to undergo some dental work and to engage with various artists, particularly emerging talents willing to share their personal narratives for our upcoming Gala event in March back in Houston. Before departing from Houston, I had already secured a couple of interviews and held high hopes of meeting several other artists over the next two weeks, some of which were already scheduled, while others were in the pipeline. Simultaneously, I immersed myself in the local art scene, attending exhibitions and receptions, striving to make my presence felt and foster lasting connections.

One of the highlights of this week was my interview with Danny Stancu, a young artist known for his intricate drawings. The depth of his work mirrored the complexity of his personal journey in the art world. Additionally, I had the privilege of interviewing Marina Martyrosian, a Ukrainian refugee artist compelled to restart her life in Romania. Each artist brought a unique perspective, painting a diverse picture of the art landscape.

Amidst these artistic encounters, I found time to reconnect with old friends. Corina Radulescu, an early supporter and mentor from my television days, became a pivotal figure in my journey. We hadn't crossed paths in over a decade, and catching up with her was a nostalgic and enlightening experience. Corina's trajectory, much like mine, had taken unexpected turns. She delved into interior design and emerged as one of Bucharest's most sought-after interior designers. For those curious about her visions, a glimpse into her world can be found on her Facebook page at

As fate would have it, the winter weather in Bucharest made a dramatic entrance towards the end of the week. A thick blanket of snow transformed the city into a fairytale wonderland during the early morning, only to morph into a logistical nightmare by late afternoon as the snow began to melt, causing chaotic traffic jams. Yet, despite the challenges, I relished those initial moments of heavy, pristine white snow. It was a throwback to childhood, the last time I had witnessed such a magical snowfall in a single day. This weekend, my mother joined me, and together we reveled in the joy of reconnecting amid the wintry charms of Bucharest.

And there's more to share! I've been diligently putting together video update clips on every channel of my social media. I hope you enjoy these glimpses into my Bucharest journey. Furthermore, I'd like to remind you about John Bishop and myself Vlog channel: Art Life with John Bogdan. We've poured a lot of effort into documenting our artistic lives and compiling them into engaging weekly vlogs. I invite you to take a look, like, and subscribe if you find them worthwhile. Your support means a lot to us.

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