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Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Mid-Century Art: The Nature Remembered Series at Silver Street Studios

It's that time of year again, when the renowned Antique Show blooms in Round Top, drawing interior designers, decorators, and antique enthusiasts from all corners of the nation. Amidst the lively event, those in search of art resonating with mid-century aesthetics need not look far. My studio, 314 at Silver Street Studios in Houston, stands as a sanctuary for such refined tastes. The inception of The Nature Remembered series was driven not by considerations of interior design styles, but rather by my sheer passion as ideas took shape. Recently, three prominent art collectors, in pursuit of pieces complementing mid-century design, stumbled upon my studio and were captivated by this series. Each client was struck by the boldness of the pieces and their seamless integration with their preferred style. A delightful twist unfolded when the latest client expressed intentions to include nine pieces from Nature Remembered in the permanent art collection of the esteemed Thompson Hotel in Houston, an extraordinary luxurious establishment. The mounting recognition and acclaim surrounding The Nature Remembered series deeply humble me. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all who continue to visit my studio and find solace in my art. Each creation is crafted with the intention of enriching lives, beautifying homes, and nurturing joy.

Link to Nature Remebered series:

Link to Thompson Houston by Hyatt:

Photo Credit: Thompson Houston, by Hyatt

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