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Gallery Chronicles: Houston Collectors and Aripa Arte's Journey in Romania

The new year has kicked off with tremendous energy. Both John and I have been immersed in a whirlwind of projects, keeping ourselves busy and engaged. Our first event of the year was an exclusive gathering of private art collectors, joined by the esteemed art curator and advisor, Rosa Ana Orlando, at our art studio 314 in the renowned Silver Street Studios, Houston. The turnout was impressive, and the discussion on the topic of Collecting Art was incredibly well-received.

Having dedicated the past 5-6 years to our roles as full-time artists, we've encountered various types of art collectors. From those who purchase art out of sheer admiration for a specific piece to individuals seeking artworks to complement their interior decor in a new space, and even collectors who invest in our art as a symbol of trust in our artistic journey. We've also come across those scouting for emerging artists with potential investment value, as well as those in search of purely decorative pieces. Interior designers are also among our clientele, seeking that special artwork to enhance the aesthetic of a space. We wanted to express our gratitude to all these collectors and provide them with valuable insights into the art collection process — from how to buy, where to buy, and from whom, to managing and insuring their acquired artworks. Rosa Ana Orlando expertly addressed these questions with an insightful presentation, leaving our Houston art collectors better informed about caring for their collections and making future art acquisitions.

Now, shifting gears, I'm currently en route to Romania, where I'll be staying for the next three weeks. While this trip isn't purely leisure, I plan to weave in some downtime. My primary agenda involves completing necessary dental work, a task essential for any artist looking for the best deals. The majority of my time in Romania will be dedicated to meeting and interviewing various Romanian artists, all in connection with our non-profit organization, Aripa Arte.

Aripa Arte is a Houston-based non-profit with the mission to support and elevate Romanian artists by providing opportunities such as grants, exposure, and educational programs. During my stay, I'll be capturing these interactions in a final video to be unveiled at our annual Gala in Houston on March 1st, 2024. Additionally, we plan to auction off some Romanian artworks to raise funds for our programs.

If you're an art enthusiast, I encourage you to consider supporting our non-profit, Aripa Arte, through a donation. Your contribution will contribute to making the world a better place.

As I write this blog post while awaiting boarding, I find myself amidst an unexpected disturbance at George Bush International Airport. Alarms are blaring, creating a bit of a chaotic scene. While no one has provided information, the atmosphere remains calm, suggesting a probable malfunction rather than any imminent danger. Here's to hoping for some quiet time before takeoff.

Stay tuned for more stories from Romania, where the Polar Vortex is in full force, bringing intense cold for many days. Honestly, not quite looking forward to that level of chill. See you soon with updates!

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