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Happy Pride Month!

2002 John and I in our first year together

It's Pride Month, and I wanted to share a bit about John’s and my story. We’ve been together for a little over 23 years, which feels like a lifetime, but time flies when your relationship is built on trust and a shared mission.

We met in Romania at a party hosted by a mutual friend. I was working in television at the time, while John was the head librarian of the American International School of Bucharest. After dating for a few weeks, we decided to move in together. I kind of pushed for it because I saw no point in waiting. Love was there, so why wait forever? Besides, I was working long hours and had little time for dating. From that moment on, we’ve never been apart.

2009 Gay Pride San Francisco, my first Pride

Our life together has been an amazing journey around the world: from the Emirates to New Zealand, then California for a while, and six years in Moscow working for the Anglo American School of Moscow—a prestigious institution under the umbrella of the US Embassy. Eventually, life brought us to Texas, where we started over again. Initially, we opened a company offering video production, photography, and graphic design services. Later, we pursued art careers, something we never thought we’d do. For a long time, art was just a hobby.

In 2018, John encouraged me to attend a Portfolio Review organized by Fotofest in Houston. At my very first interview, I met Elda Harrington, the owner of a photographic gallery in Buenos Aires. She loved the photo series I presented and took it to be exhibited in Argentina. That was my validating moment. From then on, I felt ready to pursue and develop my artistic career, letting my artistic ideas flourish.

Meanwhile, John started painting again, initially to encourage me and create an artistic environment. Once we settled into our new mission and goals, we both embraced our creative careers. Today, we both exhibit our work around the world and can be found at Silver Street Studios in Houston.

As we celebrate Pride Month, it's important to reflect on our journey and the progress we’ve made. Our relationship has been a testament to love, resilience, and creativity. We’ve faced challenges, but our commitment to each other and our passion for art have always guided us through.

2023 In out Studio 314, at Silver Street Studios in Houston

Our art is a reflection of our experiences and the diverse cultures we've encountered. We draw inspiration from our travels, the people we meet, and the stories we hear. Whether it's a photograph capturing a fleeting moment or a painting conveying deep emotions, our work aims to connect with others on a profound level.

We invite you to visit us at Silver Street Studios in Houston, where we showcase our latest creations. Whether you're an art collector, interior designer, or simply an art enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. This Pride Month, let’s celebrate love, diversity, and the power of creativity. Our studio is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Come by, say hello, and explore our world of art.

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

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