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My Weekend at the Railroad Street Art Market

June has been full of surprises so far. Last weekend, I participated in a small country art fair called the Railroad Street Art Market, organized by the PA Smith Hotel in Navasota, Texas. This was the market's second edition. Although I usually prefer larger art fairs, I decided to give this one a try since nothing bigger was happening. I had hoped for more visitors, but the day was slow, and sales were minimal. As any artist knows, when you sign up for an event like this, you have to play the game.

I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, because not many people saw my art, and there were no significant sales. But to my surprise, one of the few visitors called me on Sunday, expressing interest in purchasing two pieces from my Texana Reinvented series as gifts for his wife and their new home. Just like that, a single sale made the entire day worthwhile. It's incredible how people connect with art. I often interact with art collectors and enthusiasts, and I can usually sense their interest. However, the Navasota client caught me off guard. It's fascinating to see how quickly people can fall in love with a piece of art and remember it vividly, even if they spent less than three minutes in front of it.

Overall, the Texana Reinvented series has been a great success. I began working on it last year when the PA Smith Hotel invited us to participate in their first art fair. I created these images with the idea that country folks would enjoy scenes of the Texas countryside, enhanced with illustrations and acrylic paint to make them unique, magical, and full of joy and color.

If you haven't seen this collection yet, I invite you to visit my studio at Silver Street Studios, Studio 314, for a closer look. It's worth it! I don't usually fall in love with everything I create, but these pieces are truly special. If you're a Texan and love art, consider adding one of these to your collection. They were made for your enjoyment.

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