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Why do I like creating alternative photography artworks

Stepping into the world of alternative photography has opened up a whole new creative dimension for me. Instead of just capturing moments in time, I now have the freedom to alter and transform photographs into works of art. For me, alternative photography is about enhancing the image - adding paint, shapes and colors that bring more imagination and visual interest. There are no hidden meanings or messages, just playing with forms and colors according to my own aesthetic sense. In my alternative photographs, I often create collages or paint directly onto the prints. By combining photography with painting, I'm able to expand the artistic possibilities and boundaries of a single image. The results become more than just photographs - they become imaginative artworks that spark conversations and elicit emotional responses from viewers. One of my favorite alternative photographs are "Blaze" and "Three Moons". In these pieces, I painted acrylics directly onto a landscape scene, adding shapes and colors that transform the mundane into the magical. The end result is a photograph that could never have been captured in reality, only created through the mixing of mediums and the addition of my own creative vision. For me, alternative photography is a liberating art form that marries the technical aspects of photographing the world with the expressive qualities of painting and design. It has opened up an entirely new way of seeing and a path to creating one-of-a-kind artworks that could only exist in the space between these two mediums.

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