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Dormida is a captivating portrait of Brianna Caradja, the Princess of Romania. This image captures the juxtaposition between the slumbering city of Bucharest and the peaceful sleep of the Princess. The use of warm tones and soft lighting create a dream-like atmosphere that will draw your eye in. The delicate details of the Princess' face make this portrait a timeless treasure.

Romania's capital city, Bucharest, displays an elegant past that, after 40 years of communism and corruption, is now reaching levels of decay that may defy renovation.  Over the past ten years, I have tried to create a parallel between the image of Princess Brianna Caradja, whose aristocratic family was driven out of Romania by politics, and of the capital city that is crumbling both physically and socially.  With my journalistic background, I attempt to mirror the forgotten, ignored grandeur of both the physical and social institutions of my homeland.


  • Fine Art Photography


    Edition of 5

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