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Eufloria is a painting with vivid bright colors. Bright greens, yellows, purples, pinks and various shades of orange were used in creating this rustic bouquet of lilies. The inspiration for this piece came from my grandmother's garden, where there were always an abundance of multicolored flowers.  It was a magical place filled with positive energy and joy. Beside lilies, there were roses, tulips, and a bunch of other wild blossoms, all forming this bright amazing paradise.  In the painting, I used loose, sweeping brush strokes, with minimal detail, creating a more abstract look.  It gives the viewers a chance to re imagine their own garden, and their own memories. Overall, the floral painting exudes a feeling of happiness, beauty and abundance, capturing the joy of a summer garden in the countryside.


The original artwork is in a private collection, but you can own a fine art print of this joyful artwork. These prints are of a museum grade quality, using fine art paper and archival pigment ink. All these prints are designed for a 20x16in frame.


These floral, fine art prints, or giclee prints, are perfect for any interior.  Whether you prefer an urban or country interior design, these beautiful floral prints will grace any home, office, airbnb, or hotel.

Eufloria (Giclee Print)

  • Fine Art Print, Museum Quality Grade.

    Designed for 20x16in frame.

    This product does not come with frame.

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