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Fine Art Print and Acrylic on Paper

22x13.5in, framed


Urbana Revisited is mixed media piece combining photography and acrylic paint. The inspiration came from the streets of Bucharest were graffiti, urban decay, and art are combined together into a wild, colorful and intentional spirit of joy. It’s a sort of rebellion against the gray, decayed building facades. There is so much to absorb on the streets of Bucharest, with something alive on every single wall. This is how my Urbana series was born. The character of Urbana appeared from nowhere, and wanted to be included in my paintings and photographs. She emerged as a personification of the city landscape. Urbana Revisited was the first work in this series. Her large eyes remind us that she is watching everything. She inspires and protects us. She guides us, as we make our way through her realm of stone, concrete and steel.

Vida Urbana

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