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Look Up invites the viewer's gaze upward, beyond the hustle and bustle of city streets. Painted across stacked Amazon cardboard boxes, the artwork incorporates everyday materials into a piece with profound meaning.

The vibrant colors and texture of the cardboard jump off the wall, immediately drawing the eye. But it is the message and simplicity that resonates most deeply. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with stimuli, Look Up encourages us to pause, lift our heads, and take in the bigger picture. 

The Urbana series, of which Look Up is a part, captures the ordinariness and energy of urban life while also seeking to transcend it. By transforming commonplace items like cardboard boxes into works of art, the series elevates the everyday and reminds us of its inherent value and beauty.

Look Up calls us to notice the small wonders so easily missed: the play of light and shadow on a building, the patterns in the clouds, the faces of strangers going about their days. In an instant, our hurried, isolated existences are connected - all gazing upward at the same vast sky. For a moment, we are reminded that for all our differences, we share this small planet, floating through the vast cosmos. We are lifted above the mundane, if only by lifting our eyes.

Look Up

  • Acrylic on cardboard

    Original artwork


    Framed on white gallery frame

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