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Pacifista sits quietly, a beacon of serenity amidst the chaos of the city streets. Her soft features seem carved from moonlight, radiating calm and compassion. Though the hustle and bustle of the busy world swirls around her, she remains still. A splash of vibrant aqua blue paint adorns one eye, a splash of vibrant red adorns a cheeck, as if the colors of the world's  sunrises and sunsets themselves  have landed upon her peaceful face.  

Yet for all her placid appearance, Pacifista's name hints at a deeper meaning, an unspoken power.  Though she might choose peace, her very name suggests the potential for a different path. But she sits calmly, a saint of the streets, bringing comfort simply by being.  All who pass see their own reflection in her understanding gaze, and feel, if only for a moment, the stillness within. Pacifista offers no solutions, no judgments - she requires only that we pause, and remember our shared humanity.


  • Acrylic on foam board

    10x10in mounted on a 18x18in frame.

    Original artwork from the series Urbana

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