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Houston Art Adventure: Exploring Reflections at Serrano Gallery

The closing of the Reflections exhibition at Serrano Gallery, featuring 6 international artists photographers was yet another resounding success. My contribution to this exhibition were 12 photographs from my Inheritance series, a series that depicts the amazing fall and decayed of the thermal baths of Baile Herculane in Romania. This exhibition served as a tribute to support Fotofest month, with Serrano Gallery becoming an official 'Participating Space' of Fotofest.

See Inheritance Series here:

The showcase included works by Alfonso Bonilla, Carlos Ocando, John Bernhard, Lucia Lazzo, and Kwon Teimchaiyapoom, each offering their unique interpretation of the Fotofest theme, Critical Geography.

We are immensely grateful to Serrano Gallery in Houston for providing us with a platform to exhibit our works and offering Houstonians another enriching art experience through the lens of photography. The exhibition will officially conclude this Saturday, April 13th, coinciding with Sawyer Yards' celebration of World Art Day.

If you find yourself in Houston and yearn for an unforgettable artistic experience, we invite you to join us at Silver Street Studios to explore awe-inspiring artworks that may deeply resonate with you. A heartfelt thank you to all who have supported us in keeping the art alive and thriving.

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