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Explore Contemporary Photography at Fotofest Biennale, Houston 2024

Get ready for an artistic adventure in 2024! The Fotofest Biennale in Houston is back, marking a new chapter for fine art photography. Our very own Studio 314 at Silver Street Studios in Houston is gearing up to be a hub dedicated entirely to the captivating world of photography. Simultaneously, immerse yourself in the visual feast at Serrano Gallery (, where select images from my Inheritance series will take center stage. Joining forces with the talents of John Bernhard, Carlos Ocando, and Alfonso Bonilla, our collective works will be showcased under the evocative title, Reflections. It's an exciting time for photography enthusiasts and art lovers alike. The exhibition will be on view at Serrano Gallery from March 20 to April 20. There will be an official opening as well, but to be announced soon. Stay tuned for a journey through lens and reflection as we embark on this creative exploration together!

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